i simply get prettier every day

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* pretty privilege? I’m all that and more. I’m that one person people see at the mall and then think about them for the rest of their life.

* people frown and gasp in disbelieve when they see my crystal clear skin. I know it’s hard to believe, but I never experience breakouts, my skin is always clear n smooth. Irritated skin? What is that? Ah, never had it. My face was never irritated or dry, yet I never experienced oily skin or acne either. I don’t use thousands of skincare products, because my skin is so perfect that I don’t need them. Dermatologists stare at my skin in awe, and they must admit that my skin is ideal.

* i often catch people staring at me in awe, but well I’m not surprised because I do the same when I catch my reflection. It would take years to describe my otherworldly beauty, so I’ll keep it short - I’m prettier than an angel, than any god or goddess. My face is perfectly sculpted, any and all modeling agencies would want me to model for them if they saw me.

* at this point, I don’t even need to wear make-up because I already look my best the moment I wake up. I look amazing every day, every moment. Wherever I am, people turn their heads just to make sure such beauty as me actually exists. I see their jaws drop, their eyes sparkle. Love at first sight is real - that’s exactly what people experience when they first see me.

* i’m my desired face, my desired face is me. I’m not even making this up, I’m just speaking facts. My nose compliments my face, my hair frames it perfectly.

* i’m clearly living my dream life, and I enjoy it so much! It’s like life is on easy mode, cause I get anything I desired instantly. I love myself. Actually, everyone does. I genuinely love my face, body, and personality. Everything in my life goes exactly as I planned, but my life isn’t dull or boring. It’s for sure a good, fulfilling life. You could say I’ve got it all - beauty, brains, and money. I clearly also have freedom in all aspects. Lots of caring, loyal friends and a lenient, easy-going, supportive family to match. Oh, I guess I got off topic but how can I not talk about how amazing my life is, huh? In summary, I’m the blueprint, the main character, or perhaps the hot villain? Doesn’t matter, because im pretty.

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