I Made $60M in Profit With 7 Productivity Hacks

In this video you will learn the 7 hacks I discovered that exploded my productivity and helped me make over $60M in profit.

I promise if you actually implement these hacks, you will see a massive increase in your mental clarity and your ability to get things done.

You will find that getting results in areas like your health, business, finances etc. will become so much easier…

Because they help to eliminate procrastination and make sure you are working on tasks that will move the needle.

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00:00 - Intro
01:27 - Time blocking
03:11 - Resetting dopamine levels
04:49 - Forcing boredom
06:01 - Key priority tasks
06:40 - Uber eats everything
08:04 - Block out social media
09:26 - 5 hour rule

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