I keep issuing discipline to Maintenance Employees -- Is this the right answer?

This video is a reply to a maintenance manager's question about issuing discipline to craft employees for rule violations. What advice do I have and what have I learned in my journey. Spoiler Alert: I did it wrong for 20 years. I did it well for 14. I know what works. See my story.

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Professionally, I am is first and foremost a plant manager, leader and now an entrepreneur. I have been a plant manager 3 times (largest plant $1.5B in sales / 2000 employees), a large department manager twice, an engineer, and due to results and methods, I was appointed the global director of reliability and maintenance for a Fortune 200 company.

My unique approach to driving reliability results come from not only my 35 years of experience, but also by combining Lean and Reliability best practices (I am a CMRP and have extensive Lean/Six-sigma training internal to Alcoa). Lean provides the waste focus and drives understanding of current state which has proven to be the "secret sauce" to achieving sustainable, scalable and rapid results -- most often in just weeks. Lean, as a general rule, has not been applied to maintenance and reliability -- and is fertile ground. Don't let this sound complicated -- it is very basic: Know current state through observation and the required actions will present themselves. ALL best practices target waste elimination.

Financial Independence Retire Early - This channel started to change the maintenance and reliability consulting industry. Viewers began to ask for content on my FIRE journey (I retired at 54 yo). I am happy to share my story, successes, failures, and lessons learned. The content is intended to make you think and create your story. My path is my path -- not right or wrong. Again, I am not a financial advisor -- I'm a story teller. My hope is you will have less fear and more success by hearing my journey.
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