I Just Found Out My Employee is Looking for Another Job: What Should I Do?

For this Question of the Day, we'll focus on what to do when you learn your employee is looking for another job.

If you’re running and growing a business, it’s inevitable that one day you’ll face this situation. It’s also likely that your reaction will be:

· shock – you can’t believe Winston would blindside you like this, after all the support you’ve given him
· anger – how dare he look for a job on your time, you should fire him on the spot
· fear – now what are you going to do about getting the work done without him
· confusion – what should you do next, what can you do next?

In this episode I’ll give you tips to help you decide what is the best course of action for your business now that you've subbed the 9 to 5 with a 24/7.

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The information contained in this podcast is provided for general purposes only, and is not to be considered legal advice. Your decision to adopt, or not adopt any practice or procedure mentioned in the podcast is solely yours, and we bear no responsibility for the outcome. We urge you to always consult legal counsel and other appropriate licensed professionals.

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