I "Inherited" a Complete (500+) Movie Collection...So Let's Unbox It! | Box 8 (of 12)

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This is such a crazy situation, but I have been gifted an entire movie collection. I explain the story a bit in the first video of this series, but essentially: my wife's previous employer's husband passed away in 2018, and he happened to be a huge movie collector. She found out that I was a collector as well, and reached out to see if I would be interested in taking his collection...and OF COURSE I WAS! She then proceeded to bring over a DOZEN boxes of movies, most of them horror.

My guess is that there is at least 500 movies included, but there are more likely closer to 750...either way, I want to find out what's in these boxes with you! This is the eighth part in what will be a long series of unboxing this brand new (to me) movie collection!

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