I Did it My Way: Should You Go Solo as a Founder? | Startup Boston Week 2021

It goes without saying that if you’re an entrepreneur, you’re brave. However, deciding to go it alone as a founder is a huge and intimidating step! Join us for a discussion with founders who decided against finding a cofounder to cover topics from:

-Am I a good fit for a solo founder?
-Who to rely on when you’ve started out solo: investors, accelerators, other thought leaders
-The best reasons for solo founding, and being prepared for the worst situations you might encounter
-What are options like for non-technical solo founders?

This event will be especially useful for early entrepreneurs, folks at the idea stage, and founders looking to map their talent plan for the early days of their startup.

Startup Boston is rooted in the development and celebration of people who are pushing boundaries, solving tough problems, and asking every day—how might we do this better? Our events are designed to be a platform through which innovators can learn from and challenge one another, build new partnerships, strengthen ties, and celebrate both failure and growth.

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