"I Can GUARANTEE This Will Happen" | Greg Foss Bitcoin Interview

"I Can GUARANTEE This Will Happen" | Greg Foss Bitcoin Interview w/ Preston Pysh
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In this video, Greg Foss and Preston Pysh discuss the macro climate and Bitcoin at the end of October 2022, in the expectation of the Fed's meeting by November 2nd.

They also talk about Bitcoin mining as a business model, the debt spiral and the growing number of Bitcoin users.

Greg Foss is a bond and credit expert and a self-proclaimed Bitcoin enthusiast and realist. He has spent 32 years in high-yield credit trading and analysis as a Managing partner of Credit Strategies at a successful hedge fund team during the great financial crisis in 2008/09He was a founding shareholder at 3IQ, one of Canada’s largest digital asset managers and is currently CFO and Bitcoin strategist at Validus Power Corp in Toronto.

Preston Pysh is an Entrepreneur, Engineer, international bestselling author and the co-founder of The Investor's Podcast Network, the #1 ranked investing podcast in iTunes.

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