i am an actress // forced subliminal ♡

This subliminal is made for the ones who are desiring to be a very successful actress!
This subliminal made for FEMALES ONLY.
You’ll only achieve whatever you want and truly desire from this subliminal so if there’s something you would not like to have, no worries!

Please make sure:
-Drink water
-Can listen as many as times as you want
-If you feel dizzy, please take a break & keep yourself hydrated
-Listen at a low volume
-Headphones/earphones are optional

Actor Subliminal: https://youtu.be/t6oIrpQMtng

From this subliminal you’ll get:
ꕥ Job opportunity to be an actress in a safe company coming to you right now
ꕥ Company loves the way you look & act
ꕥ Being photogenic and videogenic in every shoot all the time
ꕥ The best acting ever
ꕥ Being rich & Money being attached to you every second and moment in your life
ꕥ Remembring scripts super fast
ꕥ Acting skill so natural, realisic and on point all the time
ꕥ Buying whatever you desire
ꕥ Being photogenic and videogenic
ꕥ Looking good all the time in every camera (including phone camera)
ꕥ People loves seeing you on the screen
ꕥ Roles that you desire comes to you and you pass every audition
ꕥ Feeling in your power forever
ꕥ Winning an oscar so easily
ꕥ Brands wants me to model for them
ꕥ The most talented actress in the whole world
ꕥ Being called to be in appear in a lot of movies, series, shows and interviews all the time
ꕥ Living your best life
ꕥ Everyone wants you to succeed insanely
ꕥ Only positive people, Opportunities and offers comes your way always
ꕥ Travelling for work and for your free time is part of your daily routine
ꕥ Getting free, pretty, luxury and safe gifts from fans, brands and loved ones all the time
ꕥ Be part of a series and/or movies on netflix
ꕥ Being friends with celebrities
ꕥ Other actors and actresses that with on set get along with you
ꕥ Being able to act any role you desire
ꕥ Fans being loving & loyal to you forever
ꕥ Fans respecting and your private life you forever
ꕥ Paparazzi respecting you and your private life forever
ꕥ Becoming very famous
ꕥ Feeling and being the luckiest ever
ꕥ Safe life forever
ꕥ People recognizing you anywhere
ꕥ So much more!

Extras: Self Love, Confidence, Lucky, Happiness, Safe Life, , Healthy Body and Hair, Good At Dancing & Singing

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Even though only women appear in the photos, this subliminal IS unisex!
This subliminal is full of positive affirmations and boosters to help you get your results faster!

➳❥ What is a subliminal? Subliminals are affirmations that are hidden in the audiothat only your Subconscious can perceive.
After listening, your unconscious mind accepts the information it receives and manifests it for you in your awake reality.
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