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The Millionaire Maker

Why am I a successful Freelance Copywriter? Because I have a great mentor. My mentor is called "The Millionaire Maker" "The Queen Of Copy" because she has written copy for people like Frank Kern. A giant in his industry. Russell Brunson of Clickfunnels. The copy she wrote made them millions.

My mentor came from hard times and didn't discover copywriting until she was in her 50s. She went from homeless to being one of the highest paid women in copywriting today. She made her way late in life. Her story and her spirit impressed me enough to learn from her.

She started off her copywriting career in an RV with her legally blind husband. She now owns a beautiful home and helps empower other people by teaching them and transforming their lives. She purchased a big rig and turned it into an office on wheels. She is licensed to drive it and she does. With her purple hair and her vibrant attitude, her zest for life is contagious.

She doesn't just teach how to write copy. She focuses on mindset and a Divine connection. That was a good fit for me.

She teaches us to step into our reality of being a Freelance copywriter from the beginning. To step into our power and declare that we are Freelance Copywriters right now. For if not now, when?

If this interests you, take a moment to imagine what your life would be like with the financial freedom you would create with the skill you learn.

Are you thinking, but I don't have a degree? You don't need one. You just need to know how to write like you're holding a conversation with a friend.

Here's what you will need

A Computer
A wireless connection
A phone
Maybe a printer
A willingness to work toward your dreams

You get what you put in. I will say this though alot of copywriters are making full time pay for part time work.

What would you do with all that extra time?
Take a moment to imagine that. You set your hours.

I wouldn't wait forever to do this though. I am not saying Tina is going to retire but one of the greats in the industry Gary Bencivenga did.

So I listen to everything by my mentor as fast as I can.

Dr. Joe Vitale of the movie the Secret went from homeless to helping millions and becoming rich. He said"Money loves speed. So if you get a good idea you should act on it fast before it passes you by" I took his class and was certified by him. I'm not letting life pass me by anymore. Are you?

There is one thing we don't get an unlimited supply of. Time. You do the same things you get the same results. Do you want to be living the same way you are now 5 years from now? Ten years from now? Or will you decide right here and now to make a change?

Take a moment and look back on your life and think of all the things you let pass by because you didn't act. You wish you did but you didn't. Don't let this be one of those times. Make sure this time you take action.

My mentor has been helping people since 2004. She's not some fly by night person. When you click on the link below you'll see many people whose lives are better because they were guided by her.

Don't take my word for it though. Find out for yourself. In the link below is a course she's offering with testimonial after testimonial of videos of people whose lives have been changed by her.

Tina says"The Power Of Now is all we have."
If you are as excited as I was to do this when I found out about Freelance copywriting from "The Millionaire Maker" don't let this opportunity pass you by. If you were looking for a sign. This is it. Click the link below to get instant access!


In this video, I am A Successful Freelance Copywriter is one of the Subliminals under the music. The Frequency is 432 Hz for manifesting. You don't need to hear the words they go into your subconcious mind. Also, I am intending on being a successful Freelance Copywriter and more. Setting an intention is key. Do not listen while driving. Most of what we do is Mindset. Listen for 40 days when you wakeup and before sleep to get you in a successful mindset. You may also listen more if you have time. Place your hand on your heart. Take a deep breath. Exhale and listen with an open mind. Imagine yourself living the life of a successful Freelance Copywriter as if it is happening now. ❤Much Love, Molly

I have to give a shout out to my Dell Laptop. I got it in 2014. It has served me well. I drove from Massachusetts clear across America to California and back twice with it. It has weathered below zero temperatures and the high heat of the desert with me. I wrote my first book on it and many more this year on Kindlevella. I'll post the link below if you travel like I did and you have a need for a tough laptop


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