i always get the full score on my exams & homework

this subliminal will ensure you always get a high grade!!
i spent a lot of time preparing for this subliminal so i hope you get results from this!!
୨୧ : Benefits
- be intelligent + smart + a genius
- always get the full score
- always get the full score in exams
- have easy exams
- guess every question correct
- memorize anything quickly & permanently
- always receive the full score in assignments
- always complete assignments on time
- teachers like you & gives you high grades
- teachers and parents are proud of you
- have motivation to study
୨୧ : Affirmations
i’m so intelligent. i’m so smart. i’m a genius. i get smarter and smarter every day. why am i so intelligent? i constantly get the full score. why do i always get the full score? i have the full score on every exam. why do i get the full score in every exam? i get every question correct. every exam i take is too easy. my exam scores get higher and higher. my intuition is always correct. i memorize everything super quickly. why is my memory so good? my assignments always get full marks. i have the full score on every assignment. why do i always get the full score on every assignment? i always complete assignments on time. my teachers like me a lot. my teachers always give me high grades. my grades get higher and higher every day. my teachers and parents are so proud of me. why do i always get a perfect report card? i’m so productive. i love studying. i’m always motivated to study. why am i always motivated to study?
୨୧ : My Subs
- 100% unisex
- only positive affirmations!
- no 'no' / 'don't' / 'immune to' etc.
- super effective!!
- 2 layers: audio and noise
- only sped up a little bit!
୨୧ : Notes
This subliminal will not replace any medical treatments nor guarantee anything.
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୨୧ : Credit
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