I’m On A Visa, How Can I Get Sponsored By An Employer In The U.S.?

00:00 - INTRO

00:12 - I’m in the U.S. on vacation on a B-1/B-2, and got an offer from a company to work for them. But I don’t have a Bachelor’s so it’s difficult for them to sponsor me. The other options were to apply for school or get an organization to sponsor me. I would like to know how or what is my next step to actually get employed legally?

00:37 - We are a family of three. My wife earns $32,000 as a gross income but her taxable income is 18k. Is she eligible to apply for me based on her taxable income? I don't know the requirements.

01:00 - What about my kids back home in Jamaica, who are waiting on their appointment date? Do they have to take the vaccine? They are seventeen and twelve.

01:11 - Can someone who filed for VAWA a year ago file for divorce now?

01:20 - My I-360 processing date passed three days ago. How soon should I hear something?

01:30 - Should I wait until one year after the NVC approved my I-130 to try to expedite my husband's document?

01:41 - Is the 90 day wait for a green card to be mailed counted from the day we made payment to USCIS or from the day of entry into the U.S.?

01:53 - I was deported and legally returned through marriage. I've been in the U.S. for over six years now. Do you think I can file for my citizenship easily now?

02:09 - I'm the parent of a U.S. citizen. Should my child come to the green card interview with me?

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