HW News - Cheap Intel 12th Gen CPUs, B660 Motherboards, NVIDIA Sued by FTC

Hardware news this week talks rumors of Intel i5-12400 and 12100 parts, Intel's B660 chipset (and others), AMD & NVIDIA low-end GPUs, and news on the FTC suing NVIDIA over ARM.
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00:00 - Recap for the Week
01:08 - GN Updates: Office Tour & Store Charity Drive
04:28 - A Wild Intel i3-12100 Appears
07:36 - Rumor: Intel B660, H670, & H610 Chipset Specs
09:44 - US FTC Attempts to block Arm Acquisition
11:56 - Official RTX 2060 12GB Listed & More Rumored
13:35 - Despite Shortage, Highest GPU Sales Since 2018
15:02 - Virus Steals Crypto from Windows Thieves
16:39 - Intel DRM Bugs Mostly Fixed
19:09 - Stop Grinch Bots Act
21:55 - Next Apple M1 Silicon Might Use Chiplets

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