Huge Trestle, Tunnel, Track Heaters, Coal Train & Snow! RR Crossing Right Where Bridges Connect! CSX

Rare Stuff! Watch a 110 car COAL TRAIN cross a huge ancient trestle and then hit the railroad crossing right where a 2nd bridge meets! A RR Track Heater up close in the snow! An abandoned railroad tunnel and original Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Signals still in use. CSX & Norfolk Southern Railroad are included. These trains are in Kentucky and West Virginia right near the border. This area had a winter weather advisory so I packed up my truck, put it in 4 wheel drive and headed to the hollers. My scanner was programmed to 160.230 for CSX and 161.190 For NS along with 452.9375 for EOT. I scouted out the area in Kentucky for a few hours until I finally heard a train go past the defect detector at MP32. The trestle is at about MP27 so I had plenty of time to get into position and the trains on CSX still call out the old C&O signals. After I finally got a loaded coal train over the big trestle near Louisa, Kentucky, I headed to Fort Gay, West Virginia and filmed a couple of trains speeding through the snow. The NS trains really go by fast. Notice all the snow get kicked up from the last half dozen or so cars on the first NS train. The way the bulk head flat cars are designed really causes them to mix up the snow when the cars are empty. I also show a maintenance of way car on the track. Does anyone know what that thing does? Leave a comment below. I never heard the NS trains call out the signals but the EOT gave me plenty of advance notice of the approaching trains. I wanted to stay the night at the motel in Louisa but I had things to do the next day so I drove home when it started getting dark.
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