How to Write Achievements on a Resume | Writing Resume Achievements PLUS EXAMPLE

Are you trying to write achievements on your resume? My video - "How to Write Resume Achievements" - can help you learn how to do this effectively using the Problem, Solution, & Results Framework.

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0:00 - Why Write Resume Achievements
0:30 - Why Hiring Professionals Want Resume Achievements
0:55 - Step 1: Brainstorm Your Achievements
1:20 - Questions to Ask Yourself to Brainstorm Achievements
1:50 - Step 2: How to Write Achievements Focusing on the Results
2:14 - The Problem, Solution, & Results Framework for Discovering Your Achievements
3:00 - Writing Your Achievement in the Solution + Action = Results Structure
3:25 - EXAMPLE - How to Use the Framework to Turn a Task into an Achievement
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