HOW TO WRITE A RESUME | Writing a Professional Correspondence

Reading and Writing Skills
Composing a Professional Correspondence
Resumes, application letters, and other professional correspondence are some of your weapons to start up and sustain your career. Most of the time, your resume is the first written document that your employers will be looking at while reviewing your application. Having a well-written resume is very important in helping you secure an interview which could open your doors to job vacancies and opportunities.
In selecting exit points in Senior High School, you are expected to either prepare for employment, entrepreneurship, skills development, or higher education. Whichever exit points you are most likely to consider after Grade 12, you would definitely need a persuasive resume that will create the best impression of you.
Resume originated from the French word résumé which means, “summary”. It is a concise document that highlights your education, work experiences, and other qualifications such as your skills and strengths. These are information or qualifications that your future employer might look for in the job that you are applying for. A resume is usually an enclosure to an application or cover letter so it is recommended that you prepare the resume first since the information that you include there will be the basis of your letter.
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