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Hello Everyone, I'm Deepak and I'm your mentor throughout this course. In this course we are going to study about Technical Communication Skills and today In this video we will learn about Resume writing and Resume design.
A resume packages your assets into a convincing advertisement that sells you for a specific job.
A resume is a selective record of an individual’s background. It is basically a professional employment seeking document that presents a summary of an individual’s education, professional training, experience, skills, abilities, achievements, and references. It introduces the individual to a potential employer. So, the main objective of a resume is winning a job interview by highlighting the applicant’s fitness for a particular position. Writing an effective resume that represents one’s current skills, abilities, and background is a challenge faced by all candidates.
There is no one right design for a resume. The design of a resume largely depends on a person’s background, employment needs, career goals, and professional conventions in the area of specialization. For best results, a resume must be designed to reflect the candidate’s personality, employment goals, and his/her career aspirations. A resume should be original. Although resume writing software may be used to design a resume or it may be written by a professional resume writer, it should be designed according to individual needs.
Resumes may have to be rewritten for every new job application because every job has its own requirements. Keeping a resume job specific gives it the required focus and makes it more effective.

00:00 - Intro
00:14 - What is a Resume?
03:54 - What should be the design for a good resume?
06:16 - Outro

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