How to Write a Resume? Freshers & Experienced (Step by Step Tutorial) | Ali Solanki

How to effectively write your own Resume? If you're a Fresher or someone who thinks he doesn't have a lot of experience to put in the CV/Resume then you need to watch this video! Writing a resume or a cv that will land you your job has always been the tough part but in this video I breakdown all the steps and give you a complete tutorial of how you can write your own CV or a resume.

The sections that you need to focus on while writing a CV are:
1. Name, contact details
2. Skills
3. Experiences
4. Projects
5. Awards and Recognitions

In this video, I have gone over all these sections and much more so that by the end you will have your very own CV ready. Here I have used Google Docs for example but you can even use Microsoft Word for it as well.

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