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Ø     What is Résumé?



Ø     What must be included in a Resume?


Ø     Structure/ Sample of Résumé











What is Résumé?


Ø A resume is a formal document that provides an overview of your professional qualifications, including your relevant work experience, skills, education, and notable accomplishments. Usually paired with a cover letter.

Ø A resume helps you demonstrate your abilities and convince employers that you are qualified and hirable.

Ø The purpose of a resume is to provide employers with a summary of your relevant qualifications.










What must be included in a Résumé?

Your résumé must include:

Ø Contact details:

-        Your name, phone number, E-mail ID

Ø Introduction:

-        Give a concise overview of your professional background and key qualifications.

Ø Education:

-        Write the name of your school, college, university, or highest degree earned.

Ø Experience:

-        list any relevant work experience you have. Include your title, the company you worked for, years worked, and a bulleted list of your key responsibilities and notable successes.

Ø Skills:

-        Include the skills you have, like computer skills communication skills and management skills etc.














Format / Sample of Résumé



Phone   : 9596340913

E-mail  : [email protected]




·       Responsible educator, has good hold on English Language and Literature, is well-versed in pedagogy, has been teaching English Language and literature for almost a decade. Skilled at creating quality content for YouTube.



·       2004-2009           11th and 12th  NM Higher Secondary, Bandipora

                                       BA Arts HKM Degree College, Bandipora

·       2009-2011           Master’s in English, University of Kashmir

·       2014                     SET/NET



·       2011-13                  Lecturer English at Space Age Modal Secondary School

·       2013-15                  Lecturer English at Degree College Sumbal, Bandipora


·       Excellent communication skills

·       Classroom culture and management skill






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