How to Write a Perfect CV with No Experience

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Unsure of how to write your first CV? Don’t worry! In this video, we will talk you through the most essential tips to follow to write a job-winning résumé. Within five minutes, you’ll learn how to craft the ideal CV that targets all the right keywords to bag you the job.

Don’t believe us? Watch the video and find out how to create an impressive CV that will place you one step closer to securing an interview for your first job or college application.

Follow this easy format for a great CV:
1. Choose the Right Format
If you have no work experience whatsoever, it’s advisable to use a skill-based format that focuses your application on your skills rather than your experience.
2. Follow a Good Structure
If you’re writing a skill-based CV, the structure should include: a header followed by a summary, skills, work experience, education, and hobbies and interests.
3. Use a Job Description as a Guide
Pay close attention to the language used within the job description and imitate it throughout your CV.
4. Focus on Transferable Skills
Studying can teach you great time-management and organisational skills that you can highlight within your CV
5. Include Hobbies and Interests
One good way of standing out from the crowd is to include hobbies and interests on your CV.
6. Get Professional Help
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00:00 Introduction
00:22 Choose the right format
00:55 Follow a good structure
01:39 Use the job description as a guide
02:06 Focus on transferable skills
02:35 Include hobbies and interests
03:02 Get professional help

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