how to write a CV in tamil | students | prepare resume for professionals | study abroad

00:00 Introduction
00:33 What is CV and Resume
01:05 page length CV
01:29 Which is recommended CV or resume
01:47 common mistakes while preparing CV
02:48 format of CV
03:52 how to present information
04:08 types of cv
04:21 notes for students
05:53 not satisfied after preparing CV
06:08 starting paragraph of cv
06:51 aim objective professsional summary of cv
07:22 education academia in cv
08:44 work experience in cv
09:28 Co curricular activities in cv
09:44 Awards achivements scholarships cv
10:04 skillset in sv
11:00 membership affiliations
12:26 unforgettable mistake
12:56 be precise and concise
12:40 how to prepare a resume
13:08 be catious while preparing a cv or resume
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