How to Work with Someone You Can't Stand: The Harvard Business Review Guide

Sure, you could just argue with them. But if you have to work together, here are more productive ways for everyone to win.

00:00 Let me guess: you argue with someone you don't like, or complain about them, or ignore them, right?
00:26 I have a magic trick that will make that annoying co-worker ... less annoying.
01:22 Ask: How am I reacting?
01:40 What exactly is it that's bothering me, and why?
02:40 Separate behaviors from traits.
03:00 Is it really so bad to not like each other?
03:20 What DO I like about this person?
04:00 What might happen if I spent more time with this person? (Yes, this is a hard one!)
04:40 Can we talk about it?
06:15 Ok, nothing else works. What if I just ignore them?
06:55 Let's review!

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