How to use Spring Data ElasticSearch using SpringBoot Microservice

⭐⭐⭐How to use Spring Data ElasticSearch using SpringBoot Microservice⭐⭐⭐

This video help you in learning following topics
Spring data Elasticsearch
Using Spring auto configuration to connect elasticsearch
CRUD operations with Elasticsearch using spring
Insert and fetch data in Elastic
Visualize Elastic data using postman

In this session, we will see the details about how to use Elasticsearch with Spring Boot. we will also cover the fundamentals of Elasticsearch and how it is used in the industry. we will look at Spring Data Elasticsearch. It provides a simple interface to do search, store, and run analytics operations. We will show how we can use Spring Data to index and search log data.

Spring Data helps avoid boilerplate code. For example, if we define a repository interface that extends the ElasticsearchRepository interface that Spring Data Elasticsearch provides, CRUD operations for the corresponding document class will become available by default.

We will be using the latest version of Elasticsearch 7.9.2, Java 8, Eclipse and maven

If you want to know what is ELK stack and how to install Elasticsearch then please visit following video.

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