How to use sacred geometry and the alchemy of your breath to remove blocks from your path with

In this episode we talked about:

I'm the infinite reflection that is you.
The importance of breathing
Waiting for the "then" to be happy
The "double edge" side of things
Radiation, pyramids, and healing
The steps you can take
Subliminal breathwork
Why you should breathe with your nose
Where you can find Devon!

"Breath, even though is so subtle, it has a huge impact on the densities that you're feeling in this exact moment in time. It's so subtle, but it's the subtleties of life that we overlook that influence our decision-making. Influence our choices. Influences our relationships, influence who you attract into our lives."

About Devon:

Devon Graham aka the black air bender has been living on liquids for over 4 years. Initiated in Bigu at the age of 18 he pioneered Alchemy Breathwork which is a nasal breathing system utilizing nitric oxide therapy, subliminal Breathwork music, auditory response, sacred geometry tapping into parasympathetic nervous system. Currently coaching thousands of individuals on the power of what he calls breath consciousness Devon has helped many heal different illnesses.  He is the author of 2 books Black Air Alchemy: Breath Mantras & Black air Alchemy for conscious breathers and Alchemists.

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