How to Use Linkedin to Find a Job: Linkedin Job Search Tips

There are more than 500 million members on LinkedIn, including working people, businesses of all kinds and in all sectors, hiring managers, and other professionals.

The majority of marketing executives (91 percent!) name LinkedIn as their top source for finding high-quality content. Of those members, 44% are active in any given month.

On the website, there are approximately 26 million company profiles and 20 million live job postings. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, recruiters consistently use the site in excess of 90%.

Finally, you might be missing out on some excellent leads if you aren't using LinkedIn for your remote job hunt. LinkedIn is excellent, in fact!

LinkedIn is the place you should go if you've looked everywhere for your ideal remote job, if you need the support of other remote workers like yourself. It's a buzzing hub of useful connections, and the neighborhood is ready to welcome you home.

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How to find a job using linkedin
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Linkedin Job Search Tips

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