How to stop repeating to your employee

How to stop repeating to your employee.
At the Tuesday morning meeting, you introduce an important new procedure to your employees. You tell the story of what led up to this procedure, discuss it in detail, and make it clear that it is a mandatory and immediate change. By Thursday, however, your team has forgotten, and you find yourself repeating the new procedure over and over again. You send an email, you schedule a special meeting, you try everything. The following Tuesday morning, you remind your team again of the change and, still, implementation is slow. Finally, after weeks and many reminders, you begin to see the new procedure take root and the change begin...just in time to do something new.
Sound familiar?
You're not alone. HR professionals, business leaders and small business owners waste too much time repeating themselves in meetings and emails that don't result in the productive change they're looking for. If you want to understand why your communication methods are failing, you need to understand how communication works. On average, people need to hear about something 7 times before they are ready to act. Saying it once is simply not enough, but you already know that. At the same time, saying something 7 times before you see the change happen seems like a huge waste of time unless you streamline the process.
In this video we will see 2 tools to know and use to know what to do when it doesn't want to.

00:00 Start
00:00:14 Who would like to have more influence over their employees?
00:00:31 You work with three groups of people most of the time
00:01:59 The formula is simple
00:03:14 4 reasons why your employee/collaborator/boss/spouse doesn't WANT.
00:06:31 Example 1
00:07:54 Example 2
00:09:45 3 reasons why they don't want
00:10:36 Example 3

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