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How to Stay Positive During Job Search

How to Stay Motivated During Job Search ?

People start job search with lot of enthusiasm, and confidence. But, as time passes anxiety starts overpowering.

Sometime it may look endless road.

I don't want you to get demotivated and feel like nothing is in your favor and it's not going to happen.

I am sharing from my experience how you shall approach your job search journey and stay positive and motivated.

1. Accept - it will take time. Depending on the job role you are targeting, your skills and experience timelines may vary but consider it will take minimum 60 days from starting to getting an offer letter.

2. It's a process- doing things randomly will not help. Define ideal job, write resume and cover letter, polish Linkedin profile; and then start reaching out and applying.

3. Have a Schedule- "Finding Job is also a Job".
Make a timetable- at
what time you will check out and shortlist opportunities,
what time you will apply and approach, what time will you follow up on HOT leads,
what time will you polish your skills,
what time will you prepare for interview and practice FAQs.

If you spend about 5 hours per day dedicated as above- You will get a job in 30 days or less- I challenge you.

and once you are done for the day- do what you love - it could be playing outdoor game, listening to music, watching your favorite series or just going for a walk.

4.Talk to People- People from your college batch can be best to reach out and understand what worked best for them.

Reach out to people in your target industry on LinkedIn.

5. Monitor the progress- Keep an eye on data- How many jobs you have applied for, in how many companies' profile got shortlisted, how many telephonic/video interview got scheduled, how many final interview opportunities you got, and how many offers you are expecting.

Review and Obesrve what is working the best and double down on it.

6. Accept Rejection- It may happen that your application is not being shortlisted or even you may jot get offer after final interview. It's normal in job search journey, it's nothing like something is wrong with you.

if you get rejected, Review, learn form mistake and move on.

Always remember - You only need one job, and there are 1000s of opportunities open.

so approach to the next with more energy and the experience you gained form past.

I am confident on you - you will be there, so keep going.

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