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How to write great resume bullet points: https://www.flexjobs.com/blog/post/how-to-craft-great-resume-bullet-points/

1. Start With an Action
Look at the above bullet points again. Each of them begins with a verb—specifically, an action verb.

Action verbs are strong words that define and describe your actions and help create a specific and concrete picture in the reader’s mind. Use present tense when describing your current job and past tense for all your previous roles. Some common resume action verbs include:

• Manage/Managed
• Direct/Directed
• Handle/Handled
• Spearhead/Spearheaded
• Coordinate/Coordinated
• Formulate/Formulated
• Maintain/Maintained
• Collaborate/Collaborated

While you may find that some of your bullet points are similar, try to vary which action verbs your bullet points lead with. As a manager, you probably managed a lot. But reading “managed” four times in a row is a bit boring. Try to use synonyms when possible, like lead, directed, supervised, or oversaw.

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