How to Start Freelancing in Pakistan with No Experience with Resume Writing | Resume Writing

How to Start Freelancing in Pakistan with No Experience with Resume Writing | Resume Writing | Geeky Academy | How to Start Freelancing in Pakistan

How to Start Freelancing in Pakistan with No Experience No 4 Resume Writing. Resume writing is the most in-demand Freelancing skill internationally, client place order to make CV for themselves. They provide you all the basic detail. You just create the best resume design for clients. Remember this is not a CV that we create in Pakistan from any photoshop and apply for jobs. This is a special design Resume its formate little bit change that internationally clients accept and orders you. And you design this resume for clients. Let's Start here see our laptop screen here we will search and find how our Pakistani Freelancers work in this Resume writing service online.
First of all, you have to write in your laptop browser "Fiverr.com" and then press enter. Here Fiverr official website appears here to type in the search bar " Resume Writing." Here click on the second option here you can see a total of 5,853 services available. And you can see these all are services on your laptop screen or mobile screen. These all are services that Freelancers are selling online. We will check here How Pakistani Freelancers how selling this Resume writing service online here. And you are not the first person that other Pakistani person working or selling here or not? Here we search " Pakistan" You can see there are 3,008 Freelancers available there in this service. Ok, You can see there is a person that is a LEVEL 2 Seller, and here is one New Freelancer. That means if this Profile is ranking there you also have a chance to rank there. And here is another person providing CV design service. And here all CV in resume formate available. You can see this service this have Rs: 6584 PKR charging and here Rs:8,464 PKR charging. In Pakistan, we create a CV minimum Rs:150 or a Maximum of Rs:200 we charge and design a CV. Here you can see one CV design and how much you can earn here. And this is starting package its Basic, and Premium packages are different. We open this profile in another window and this one we will check ok this is also the same profile. Now we can see there this person belongs to Pakistan but the picture looks like American. 13 hours before they have completed an order. Here you see they have there 74 orders or 5 orders. Orders available mean this service is trending in market and here are all reviews of this person.
Now we open a second profile He is a LEVEL 2 seller 4 hours before they have delivered the last CV design to the client. Now here you can see the CVs design. These are all CVs that you can see it looks like difficult how we create these CVs? 2 Orders still have pending here one time you watch all CVs. This one CV then this... and this is different more CVs you can see there. Now here you do not have to worry that these CVs are difficult how do we design these CVs? These CVs you can easily design just here you can type "YouTube.com" press enter. Then type in the search bar "Geeky Academy" then press enter. For the first result, you have to click on it and press enter. Then click on videos here you can see this video (CV & Resume Design) you have opened this video and watched this video completely. This video you have to complete watch this video have a complete step-by-step guide that How you can design these types of CVs and many formates are freely available in this video.
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