How To Start freelance Content Writing Business In Urdu And Hindi

How To Start freelance Content Writing Business In Urdu And Hindi

Objective of the Video
How to start a freelance writing business?
"Investment is zero while skill and intelligence is the hero." Mr. Amit Agarwal is the Founder of the Indian blogging revolution. He quit his well-paid IT job and became India's first professional blogger. Currently, he is earning about Rs. 44 lakh per month. You can build a career in different types of writing such as:
• Article writing
• Medical writing
• Content writing
• Technical writing
• Advertising copywriting
• Fiction writing
• News writing
• Blogging
• Resume writing
• Business writing
• Ghostwriting This video will focus on blogging, content writing, and ghostwriting

1. Blogging A blog is a modern and refined version of a daily diary (journal). You have two options in blogging: i. Work as a freelancer
• You can write for an established blogger as a freelancer
• In this option, you can get fast and regular assignments but get a low income. ii. Start own blog
• In this option, you get a high Income but this demands effort and time to grow the business. How to Start Blogging?
To start blogging, you need to take the following steps: i. Select a topic as per your expertise
• You can choose any topic of your expertise such as gardening, automobile, technology, performers, shopping, or history.
• You should have an "established authority" on the chosen topic. ii. Start a blog

Start a blog
• You can start blogging using an established website such as
• You can also register your own blogging website through the platforms like WordPress or Blogspot. Notably, you need to have the same patience while starting a blogging business as you will have in any other business.

2. Content Writing
• In this, you write for any other client which may be a corporate company or an established blogger.
To start content writing, it is important to have good corporate connections or an "impressive and credible work portfolio" on professional websites like LinkedIn, Up work, or Content writing business also requires patience and marketing.

3. Ghostwriting
• In this, as the name suggests, the name of the real writer is not disclosed.
• Many people, who want a book to be published on their names, and many subject matter experts, who do not have time to write, hire ghostwriters.
• Ghostwriters write books, essays, or

time to write, hire ghostwriters.
• Ghostwriters write books, essays, or white papers on the outlines provided by their clients.
• Ghostwriters charge huge amounts of money for their work.
• Biographies of many sports stars, politicians, and celebrities are written by the ghostwriters.

4. Requirements for Freelance Writing Business You can easily start this business from home. You do not require any company registration for it. You can register a proprietorship company through a CA to look professional. You can start freelance writing business with zero investment.
i. Capital expenditure (CAPEX) The business requires
1 laptop, which costs about Rs. 30,000, and a website, which costs about Rs. 15,000. Thus, the total CAPEX will be Rs. 45,000. ii. Operational expenditure (OPEX) The OPEX will include:
• Internet connection - Rs. 500 per month • Website SEO - Rs. 5,000 per month
• Miscellaneous - Re 1500 near month

Key Outcomes of the Video
• Select a topic as per your expertise
• Start blogging using an established website such as or make a website on platforms like Word Press
• Have a credible profile on leading freelancing websites
• Ask your client for testimonial or recommendation mail
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