How to Start a Services Business - Ep. 30 | Degree Free with Ryan and Hannah Maruyama

We always preach that the quickest way to be cash flow positive is to create a services-based business. So, here’s an episode on how you can start one!

Welcome to Degree Free, where we explain what you can do instead of going to college, and how to teach yourself, get work, and make good money.

In this episode, we talk about:

- How to learn which service you can do as a business to be immediately cashflow positive.
- Step-by-step procedure on how you can start your services business.
- The pros and cons of High Dollar/Few Clients and Low Dollar/Many Clients.
- How to gather information and research competitors so that you can have all the information you need.
- What’s the difference between Sole Proprietorship and LLCs.

Ryan talks about how you can do an easy test for the demand of your service through your personal circle.

Hannah also shares their story on how they started their first successful services business in Hawaii.

Hope you all enjoy the episode!

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