How to start a fast growing Salesforce Consulting firm? Advice from Joshua Karrasch

Joshua Karrasch is immensely motivating! He is an absolute career changer. He was bankrupt and living in a basement with his fiancee. Through hard work and luck he became a tester, then a Salesforce Consultant. He stayed focused and through perseverance started a Salesforce consulting firm. He is now the CEO at the new company Dynamic Specialties Group! He just started the company year ago and already has 3.5 full time staff... WoW, he did really good job!

You don't remember Joshua Karrasch? Who invested more than $100,000 in his last company and which went bankrupt? How Josh got his first Salesforce job and why decided to become a Salesforce Consultant? If not, please check out the video to find out:

Joshua's LinkedIn:

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