How To Shorten SchottNyc Biker Leather Jacket sleeves and The Ultimate STYLE

Thanks to some of you advices about my leather jacket sleeves was too long on my last video I brought this leather jacket to Schottnyc store for shorten my sleeve. They charged $75 USD. It's definitely worth my money. I also created 3 different looks to go with this leather jacket.

Link to my video reviews on this leather jacket

Look 1:
Schottnyc - Motorcycle Jacket Style 118 -
Kuboraum - N6 -
HM - Turtleneck -
Sartoria Sorrento - Pants -
Marsell - Parrucca Brown (I dyed them black) -

Look 2:
Schottnyc - Motorcycle Jacket Style 118 -
HM - Tee -
Sandro - Pants -
Marsell - Lace up Boots -
Kuboraum - L3 -

Look 3:
Schottnyc - Motorcycle Jacket Style 118 -
Lyle & Scott - Hoodie -
Carhartt - Camo Pants
Kuboraum - Sunglasses Z8 BM -
Marsell - boot Gomme -

With You – Smith The Mister

This video is a recommendation video from a friend. And I also created 3 different looks for this shoes as usual.

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