How to Self-Destruct a $4M Search Firm and Re-Build on Stronger Foundations, with Mark Phillips

Imagine building a search firm from scratch to $4M in billings. An incredible achievement, right? Now imagine that same business suddenly imploding from 14 team members down to just one. How would you bounce back from such a devastating loss? Would you have the heart and will to rebuild?

This is the story of my special guest, Mark Phillips. Mark is the founder and CEO of HireEducation and in this interview, he shares his journey with unflinching honesty and self-reflection. He takes ownership of the behaviours and decisions that led to the decline of the business. Based on the lessons he learned from both his successes and failures, Mark is rebuilding his business and himself - this time on stronger foundations.

Mark got into recruiting in the late 90s and has specialized in the Education Technology industry since 2006. He launched his firm HireEducation in 2010 and by 2019 he built it into a $4M per year business. That same year, he faced his biggest challenge. You will now hear what he’s doing differently to build an even more successful business that he enjoys a whole lot more.

Episode Outline and Highlights

[02:34] How Mark knows our mutual friend, Jordan Rayboy.
[04:38] Thoughts on recruiters as non-conformists.
[12:47] How to build trust with people quickly.
[25:26] Growing a firm from nothing to a $4m annual run rate.
[40:41] The value of hiring someone to do the things you’re not good at.
[44:23] Overcoming a massive upheaval in 2019.
[52:40] Learning from hindsight - Mark’s retrospect on his most significant challenges led to him rebuilding his firm.
[1:06:15] Mark’s core value in rebuilding his team.
[1:09:40] What is now being done differently in Mark’s second version of his business?
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