How to Resume Preparation After a Long Break

Build your streak.
Keep yourself accountable to your goal.

With UPSC preparation, start small. Don't plan to study for 12 hours from tomorrow. You will be studying for long periods of time so start small and build consistency. Don't be worried if you're not able to study the 10 hours from day one. No one started a champion to begin with, but many a champions are trained.

UPSC Civil Services Exam is one of the most prestigious exams in the country. Because of this, there
is a lot of competition in this exam. Hence, your UPSC preparation should be strategic, informed and well planned.

Your UPSC preparation should not be based on blind adherence to any program. Rather you should give a thought about how your are preparing. The best way to go forward is to study the blogs and tips given by previous year toppers about how to go about UPSC CSE, and then make your UPSC preparation strategy accordingly.

Doing static subjects like polity, economy, environment, geography and history for your UPSC preparation is a solid bet to increase your chances of clearing this exam. But this must all be supplemented by current affairs for best effect.

There's no shortcut to success.
Do the work.

Abhijeet Yadav
AIR 653, CSE 2017
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