How to Register a Business

So you’ve done your research, put together your business plan, made a budget, priced your products and brushed up your accounting knowledge, what now?

Registering your business is another crucial step in your journey. It can be a little complicated and things will be different depending on where your business is based and what sort of business you’re running. Wherever you are - or whatever you’re doing - there are some key things worth looking at.

In this video we’ll break down business names and numbers, explain why licences can be so important, discuss tax and the extra steps required if you’re thinking of hiring employees.

Steps in the video:
00:00 - Introduction
00:29 - Business name and number
00:40 - Licenses
00:57 - Tax
01:09 - Business structure
01:30 - Registering as an employer

Link to registering a business in the New Zealand:

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Link to registering a business in the US:

Link to registering a business in the UK:

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These videos are intended as a general guide only. Please consider what is best for your business. If you require further information specific to your business needs, please speak to your professional advisor/s
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