How To QUIT Your Job With Passive Income (Step By Step)

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For those unaware…this is an investment that covers a WIDE variety of stocks and markets….all of which, you can buy into for a very, VERY low price. For example, VTSAX will cost you about $100 per share - and with that ONE investment, you’ll own a tiny fraction of the ENTIRE United States equities market.

Anytime you go to buy a stock, what you’re REALLY buying into is a very tiny piece of ownership in that company - who pays you a small portion of their profit in the form of a Dividend. Just remember - with risk comes reward - so, the more money you have the potential of making…the more you have the potential of LOSING….so, no matter what: company first - dividend second.

This stands for Real Estate Investment Trust…which is just an incredibly fancy way of saying: You’re buying “stock” in a company that JUST owns real estate, and in exchange for giving them your investment, they’ll pay YOU a portion of their rental income as a dividend.

The “CATCH” here is that - first, you need to build up your credit score above 700…second, you need to have a steady source of income…and third, you need to have a 10-20% down payment saved up…but, if you can check all three off the list, here’s how you can do it:

Let’s say you find a house worth $300,000 that needs a little work, and in the current condition - it could rent for $2500 per month. 

You could buy that home with a 15% down payment, which is $45,000 - and your mortgage payment would be $1160 per month at a 3.6% interest rate. 

Now, of course - the expenses won’t stop there. You’ll also have property taxes, insurance, repairs, and vacancy…and that might cost you another $600 per month….so your TOTAL OVERHEAD to own and keep this home, every single month, is $1760.

BUT, once you close on the house…instead of renting it out immediately for $2500….you might be able to spend another $20,000 fixing it up, replacing the floors, doing some light paint, fixing the landscape…and, after it’s all done…now the home is worth $360,000 - and you can rent it for $2850 per month! 

Both credit cards and banks will give you a “bonus” for opening an account with them and meeting some minimum requirements…usually, that bonus is anywhere from $50 to $500, and it usually takes about 30 minutes of work to complete.

For example…2 years ago, I had someone on my second channel, The Graham Stephan Show, who was making up to $50,000 PER MONTH writing e-books on Amazon in his spare time. His total investment was a few hundred dollars, and then he’d market the book himself. Now he quit his job and does this full time. 

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