How to Provide Secure and Personal Transitions: Onboarding, Offboarding, and Everything in Between

Passing the baton. Nailing the dismount. Moving from new hire to fully-trained employee. To succeed, all of these actions need the right conditions for a smooth transition. As #companiesgrow and #hirenewemployees, add #newsoftwareplatforms, and bid departing employees farewell, these transitions multiply into a near-constant responsibility—and a liability #HR can’t pass along.

Join #BambooHR and #JumpCloud to explore how you can streamline the transitions in your organization, improve the #employeeexperience, and #protectyourworkplace from #legalliability and costly oversights.

How to meet employee expectations for a clear path from #onboarding to the end of the training process.
How #cloud-based #identitymanagement resolves #security concerns and makes transitions more efficient.
The perils of having one person be the linchpin of processes in #onboarding, #offboarding, and #softwareaccess.
How smooth transitions can improve your employer brand and build your reputation as a great place to work.

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