How To Prepare Merchant Navy Interview| Merchant Navy Sponsorship Interview | Tips for Merchant Navy

In this video we’ll share a few tips on how you can clear merchant navy interviews for various courses and also talk about our different telegram groups where you can find a lot of information regarding merchant navy. YouTube Channel: Merchant Navy Decoded.

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00:22 - Tips to clear merchant navy interview
01:27 - How I am able to speak fluent english
02:46 - Marine engineering decoded
02:55 - Marine electrical decoded


Telegram group only and only for Marine Engineering students and GME Aspirants/students:
Telegram group only and only for IMUCET Aspirants or Sponsorship aspirants:
Telegram group is only for Electrical Officers or ETO Aspirant:

To create a proud and unified Marine community where transparency and the right guidance is easily available.

To be HONEST, while guiding people.
To be FEARLESS when creating a transparent World.
To take any possible INITIATIVE in creating a proud and unified marine community.

Hi!!! Below is my short Bio
I am a Chief Engineer by profession.
I have been sailing for the last 14 years. Passed out from MERI Kolkata in the year 2008. Joined Seaarland Ship Management as an Engine Cadet, over the course I have sailed in the past with British Petroleum and Anglo-Eastern as well.
With the help of YT Channel Merchant Navy Decoded and the website, we are trying to make this profession more transparent. All our endeavors are towards promoting good shipping companies, good colleges and sharing updated information about the same.

There are so many myths attached to this profession and so many fraudulent activities operational that sometimes even students with good backgrounds land themselves into bad Shipping Companies. Futures have been destroyed because of lack of proper guidance and this YouTube channel will try its best to help those who are in need to get into a good shipping company.
Along with proper information, we also aim at glorifying good Shipping Companies, good colleges, so that awareness can be created and deserving candidates do not miss out on an opportunity to join a good college or company.

We aim at building a safe ecosystem for GME Aspirants, Marine Engineering Students,Diploma in Marine Engineering students, Deck Cadets, DNS Aspirants, IMUCET Aspirants, Electro-Technical Officer and lastly most importantly GP Rating.

There are a lot of blogs being written on the website, for aspirants to get proper guidance as well.

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