How to Prepare For a Job Application Form | Job Application Tips #shorts

What is the best way to complete a job application? How can I stand out from the other candidates? In this short video, we take you through our top tips to help you prepare for your job application and ace your job application form. Most job applications require you to provide information such as: personal details, education history, employment history, a cover letter, and many include competency questions for you to answer. Therefore we've come up with some easy-to-follow tips to help prepare for your application form.

First, you should ensure that your CV is up to date, as this makes it easier to transfer information from your CV to the application form. You should also take this opportunity to only apply for jobs that suit you, as it allows you to more easily tailor your CV and application. Research the job and company before applying, to gather a better idea of how to tailor your cover letter for your job application. To prepare for any competency questions that may show, we recommend using the STAR method using previous experiences to structure your answers. The STAR method is super useful in CBI interviews down the line too!

Understand what you need to prepare for on the Graduates First Platform. Be prepared for these common processes to give yourself the best chance of achieving your dream project management role. And be sure to check out our other videos for even more career advice guidance.

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