How to Pass the CFA Level 1 Exam in 2022

These are the best study strategies and tips that I used to pass all 3 CFA exams on the fist attempt. If you follow all of these tips, you are going to drastically increase your chances of passing the CFA exams. Some of these tips are especially important for the Level 1 CFA exam. This video is a culmination of all the best study ideas and study tips I have used, and have comes across since passing all the CFA exams.

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0:00 - Intro
1:01 - Put in the Work
5:28 - Material and Structure
7:37 - Test Prep Providers
9:12 - Mock Exams
12:06 - THE SECRET
17:43 - Exam Day

It has always been my recommendation that CFA candidates log the total number of hours they spend studying. Counting hours keeps you honest about how much work you have done, and how much work you probably still need to do. They need to be "real" hours that don't include any time spent on distractions. The best way to get north of 400 hours is by studying every single day and not taking any days off until your CFA exam. If you think of studying like a second job, this will not be hard to do.

I studied from video lessons offered by a test prep provider. Then after reviewing all the content of each book from the CFA curriculum, I would go back to the CFA text and do all the blue boxes and EOC questions. Blue boxes and EOCs are extremely important to getting practice answering questions most relevant to the important topic.

With 6 weeks to go before the CFA exam, you should be done getting through all the material, and doing practice questions. Now you can start taking mock exams. Aim for 10-15 mock exams, and practice every question you got wrong on any of these mocks. I didn't treat them like real exams, but rather more like groups of practice questions.

In the final week is where you will want to use THE SECRET to passing the CFA exams. And that is memorizing formulas. All of them. Any formula that you used to answer any practice question or mock question over the past 6 months is probably most important. Get a good formulas sheet, and memorize all of them. This will take a lot of work in the last few days before you exam, but it will drastically increase your chances of passing the exam.

On exam day, if you have done everything mentioned above, you are going to have answered thousands of practice questions correctly, and memorized every relevant formula. Doing all of this will give you a very high likelihood of passing. So you should be nothing but confident walking into the exam room. Best of luck studying!
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