How To Pass Amazon Online Assessment Test

Learn how to get ready for Amazon Online Test that you might encounter as part of employment process. In this tutorial you will learn typical assessment exercises, asked during interview assessment test. SUBSCRIBE!!!

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In this video:
What is Amazon Online Test? 00:00
What is Amazon Assessment? 01:09
Typical Question Categories 01:28
What is the ration of men and women 02:29
Calculate the Values 03:32
Find the next value using the pattern 04:48
Calculate the age difference 06:11
What is the percentage of Companies that provide services 07:03
Determine the largest amount 07:32
Find the missing value using the pattern 08:40
Determine the next number in the sequence 09:04
What number is the best match 11:02
USD vs Chinese Yuan 11:56
Find the last number using the pattern 13:27
Determine the next number in the pattern 13:47
Dollar minus cents 15:30
Determine the correct number 17:50
Calculate approximate profit 18:46
Exchange rate of the currencies 20:26
What is the ration between profits 22:09
When would boy catch up with the girl 24:47

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