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How to optimize LinkedIn profile 2021 for job search, LinkedIn SEO Tips, 13ways to optimize LinkedIn profile, how to rank on LinkedIn within 5minutes in Hindi In this video, I explained how to optimize LinkedIn profile and give 13ways to optimize LinkedIn profile in 2021 & step by step practical explanation of optimizing LinkedIn profile, How to increase followers organically. How to increase Instagram posts engagement organically. How to rank on LinkedIn by optimizing LinkedIn profile. How to improve ranking on LinkedIn. How to get more profile visits organically. How to reach your audience organically. How to get more followers on LinkedIn, 13ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Please do watch the complete video for in-depth information.

00:00 - Intro
00:05 - 1. Update or upload an optimized photo
00:30 - 2. Make sure you use keywords in your title and throughout the profile - add credentials to your brand
00:58 - 3. Write your Summary so it is personal and compelling
01:11 - 4. Update your Skills & Endorsements section with up to 50 areas of expertise
01:40 - 5. Include relevant work in the Experience section
02:03 - 6. Add relevant coursework to your Education section
02:25 - 7. Attach your resume
02:34 - 8.Request recommendations from colleagues or professors
03:02 - 9. Request connections with a goal of at least 50
03:39 - 10. Get your profile complete to 100%
03:53 - 11.Double-check for any errors or typos
04:20 - 12. On Creator Mode
04:56 - 13. Edit Profile Url
05:27 - LinkedIn Profile Optimized, Now What?
Continue to add connections to grow your network
• Read (and comment on) posts and news
• Share articles and blogs
• Update profile with any new information
• Search for jobs
• Upgrade from free to Premium account?
(If required)

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