How to master your job search | Job seekers Toolkit

In this workshop, we will discuss the necessary tools for you to master the job search process and land the job interview faster.
Take advantage of this career coach webinar and ultimate toolkit for a successful job hunt with Delicia Alarcón.

The 4 job search strategies you'll learn include:

I. Mindest/ Motivation
- Belief in self
- Evidence activity

II. Research
- Job search research
- Roles you are interested in
- Companies you are interested in

III. Materials for application
- Technical Skills (Resume / CV)
- Cover Letter (optional)
- Portfolio (Depending on your career)

IV. Interview Preparation
- Phone screening
- In-person / Virtual Video Interview Prep

This career coaching webinar is part of the free online event: 30 Days to Get a Job The Challenge hosted by europelanguagejobs.com during the month of October 2021. If you want to participate, join here: https://www.europelanguagejobs.com/candidates/30-day-challenge-career-event?utm_source=30DC+Youtube&utm_medium=Webinars&utm_campaign=Event

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