How to Market Your Skills and Strengths as a Disabled Candidate [BSL, CC]

Understanding your skills can help you land the job you want. Find out what your skills are, even the ones you don’t know you already have and how to show them off! In this webinar learn the practical tips and strategies to identify all your skills, and how to market those skills to employers.

- Know the difference between skills and strengths
- Understand types of skills and the importance of transferable skills
- Identify the skills you most enjoy using the most - indicator for career direction
- Learn six easy steps to assess your skillset - detect those skills gaps and build a develop new ones
- Explore ways to build and enhance your skills development
- Strategies to start crafting powerful success stories for each of your skillsets

00:00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:02:00 Learning outcomes
00:03:30:09 Poll
00:07:09:20 Top ten skills needed for 2025
00:12:05:11 Strengths vs Job skills
00:21:03:22 Job skills in depth
00:28:07:02 Transferable job skills
00:31:58:15 Skills assessment
00:40:49:10 Skills examples on CV
00:42:07:11 Get to know your strengths
00:45:04:03 How to answer the question “What are your strengths” in an interview?
00:47:35:22 Six ways to build your strengths
00:50:39:22 Q&A

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