How To Make Powerful Asks That Get Results | Kelli Thompson with Jacqueline Hawk | Leadership Coach

“I shouldn’t have to ask.” “What if they think I’m pushy?” “I don’t meet every single job qualification, so should I ask for less?”

These are just a few of the worries I hear from women when they ruminate over asking for what they want - whether it be a workplace request or salary negotiation.

If you feel this way, it's not uncommon. Research shows that women ask for less, whether it be the 60% who say they’ve never negotiated with an employer over pay or the 76% of women who settle for unpaid work assignments that don't contribute to their performance reviews.

According to my guest expert, Jacqueline Hawk, communications coach and Power Of The Ask Founder, you are meant to ask for ANYTHING you want and feel DESERVING of it. She knows that knowing WHAT and HOW to ask for it clearly, confidently, and convincingly, without fear or guilt, is HARD for many women. Her 4-step system makes asking EASY - whether it be a salary or career ask, delegating work or asking for help at home.

Join Jacqueline and me as we talk all about asking for everything and the results it can generate for you. Jacqueline will share four ways to make asking easy for you so you can get the results you want and deserve. Are you ready for asking to be easy for YOU?
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