How To Make My CV Stand Out in 2022 | Resume that WILL get You a Job!

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A lot of people have sent me DMs requesting me to show them the CV that will stand out to recruiters in 2022. Therefore, I have decided to record this video to show you the resume/ cv that I used to apply for teaching jobs abroad while I was job searching.


0:00 – Introduction
1:19 – Professional Photograph
3:03 – Teaching Philosophy
4:24 – Shared Values
5:09 – Experience
6:42 – Skills
7:32 – References
8:29 – Stand Out
9:00 – LinkedIn
9:44 – CV Etiquette
11:55 – End Result

This is the CV that got me my current teaching job in the UAE!

Firstly, I will go through is a photograph. Even though this might not be the norm for most people. I will tell you why it is important for you to have a photo on your CV. Usually, agents in the UAE will ask for a photograph in addition to your CV. Therefore, if you have a professional photo in your CV then it

The other thing is your ‘About Me’ section. This is the next section that will appeal to your hiring manager. Use industry-specific words – key terminology that is related to the industry that you are in. For teachers, these would be words related to having 21st Century Skills. You also want to add shared values, these are values that you share with the school.

The next thing, I speak about is your teaching experience. In this section, it is important for you to add more details about what you were responsible for in each job role. Check out the cheat code I share with you when it comes to this.

Something else that you should add to make your CV stand out is the skills, I would recommend that you use a visual representation of skills. I would also advise you to search for buzzwords that are being used in your industry.

One more thing is references, you need to add 2 or 3 referees to your CV. Schools in the UAE would usually specify that they need to be people who are in management or the head of school.

Afterward, I speak about things that will make your CV stand out. Add Certificates that you have acquired in your professional

Furthermore, to make your CV stand out - add the link to your LinkedIn profile. Remember that your LinkedIn profile needs to be an extension of your CV.

Lastly, I take you through some CV etiquette. These are more tips and tricks which you can add to your CV to make it stand out. Be sure to check these out on the video.

Do feel free to ask questions that you may have on the comments section.


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