How to Make it as a Prop Trader (MUST WATCH)

Interested in becoming a prop trader?

In this video, Andrew Lockwood will go over what prop trading is and how you can make it a reality. He'll also cover the skills you need to get started and the most common difficulties you may encounter while prop trading.

Prop firms are a great way to get access and experience with large trading accounts. The profits that small traders make when they trade on behalf of the prop firm can be split between themselves, as well as their new employer - giving them many advantages in comparison to other forex traders who only have limited capital at their disposal.
If you're looking for greater chances at success; if big dreams await within this field - then watch our video now!

0:00 - Intro
0:40 - What is a prop firm?
2:36 - Is prop trading just a scam?
4:02 - Why should you do prop trading?
5:44 - Why do prop traders fail?
8:22 - How to overcome the prop trading difficulties?
11:28 - Outro

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