How to Land Your Dream Job: with Cosmopolitan Editor in Chief Jessica Giles

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As the Editor-In-Chief of Cosmopolitan, the largest young women’s media brand in the world, Jessica Giles oversees the editorial for all of Cosmo's efforts across print, digital, video, and emerging platforms. Today she’s sharing her journey in the publishing industry and offers up helpful and practical advice to help you get to where you dream of being in your own career. She shares:
3 specific tips to help you get promoted.
Why passion is crucial in your career.
Her number one tip to help you on future interviews.
Why self education is so important on the job.
What surprised her most about working at Vogue.
What she’s learned about leading and managing well.
How Cosmo has evolved over the years and modernized its view of sex.
Why asking for critical feedback (and being okay receiving it) is vital.
What she’s learned from the Cosmo readers and what she hopes her legacy to be.
The best parts of working in a female driven environment.
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