HOW TO JOB SEARCH WITH CONFIDENCE | E.74 Career Therapy Podcast w/ Cathy Wasserman, Lauren Weinstein

On this week's Career Therapy Podcast (e.74), we welcome both Cathy Wasserman and Lauren Weinstein to the podcast.

Cathy and Lauren are the co-authors of ‘The Empowered Job Search’ book. They draw on more than 30 years as career and leadership coaches with significant influences from positive psychology, Buddhist principles, and Nonviolent Communication, to help you know yourself in today’s modern working world.

In today’s episode, we talk about the differences between performative and personal identity, the importance of narrative in building career confidence, and how to tap into cleaner forms of motivation in your search, beyond fear, anxiety, and failure.

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During this Episode, We Discuss:

0:00 introducing Cathy Wasserman and Lauren Weinstein
3:00 the most common blockers
5:15 why we make things harder for ourselves
7:55 getting clear on what you have to OFFER
9:20 the spirit of camaraderie
14:20 identity wrapped up in a job
16:45 the fluidity of identity
18:50 imposter syndrome
24:40 the “performative dance” of networking/job searching
28:20 personal branding, good or bad?
32:40 “once I get the job, this'll all be over” = WRONG
33:40 ‘the Great Resignation’
47:05 nonviolent communication
51:48 common experiences in the job search
53:55 we feel like we’re “supposed to” know things
55:20 finding the sweet spot
56:40 why you need “cleaner sources of motivation”
59:30 a sense of childlike wonder
1:00:38 what they’d change about the job search

Resources, links, and/or books mentioned in this episode:

‘The Empowered Job Search,’ by Cathy Wasserman and Lauren Weinstein

Lauren Weinstein’s Website

Lauren Weinstein LinkedIn

Cathy Wasserman’s Website

Cathy Wasserman LinkedIn

As always, thanks for listening!

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