How To Hire the Best Employees For Your Small Business | And Keep Them!

If you don’t grow, your business won’t grow.
There comes a point in every business where you need help for the things you are not great at or don’t want to do.
But finding great employees is not easy. It takes time and money to search, interview and train the right person for every role.
So how do you compete for the very best talent when budgets are an issue and keep your staff for the long run?
Find out as talent and leadership expert Ronda Robinson shares practical advice on how to change the narrative on the traditional employer/employee relationship so that you can build the very best team for your business.
Check out what Ronda has to say at 13.59 min for creative ways to write your job ads and attract an untapped portion of the talent pool and take notes at 27.11 min where she shares the CARES model

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